Do Students Have a Civil Right to a High-Quality Education?

By 2:32pm PST August 10, 2020

“Changing education on the scale that’s necessary requires shifting how we see the right of education and how we see the denial of this right. It’s a paradigm shift about the access to knowledge, and we don’t know whose shoulders that movement rests. But, basic is not enough. We need to get to an educational floor. However, we must also understand that getting up to a basic level is not justice. When we are talking about alleviating this injustice, we have to ensure ever-increasing rigor. We have to create schools that are relevant and meaningful, where young people can be designers of their own learning and designers of their future. So closing the pervasive achievement gap and opportunity gap is undoubtedly the next step, but it won’t be enough.” 
XQ Founder and CEO, Russlynn Ali 

Equity never happens without relentless demand. All students deserve, and our nation requires that they receive, a high-quality education, which encompasses student-centered learning, ever-increasing rigor, and instruction that allows young people to become designers of their own ambitions and creators of a shared future.

But is the right to a high-quality education enforceable? Did you know that this important question is still up for debate in our legal system?

To help probe these questions, XQ’s Russlynn Ali and Civil Rights icons Danny Glover, Bob Moses, Mark Rosenbaum, and BJ Walker, as well as youth activist Jamarria Hall, discuss the significance of a Detroit lawsuit. The case centers around the civil right of education and presents what may be an emerging pathway to educational justice in our times.

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Editorial Associate, XQ Institute. Hana is a recent graduate of Barnard College in New York and has spent the last two years working around issues of economic inequality, welfare reform, and gender justice.