Never Teach Alone

This high school in Memphis is trying a lot of things differently. Including co-teaching. Hear from two teachers on why it matters.

By Carri Schneider

Team Teaching Advice from Inside the Classroom

When it comes to rethinking high school, sometimes that means opening a new school in a unique location. Other times it means connecting young people to experts in the community. Sometimes it means replacing a typical seven-period schedule with a totally new approach to the school day. At Crosstown High in Memphis, it means all of the above.

Meet Ryan Dixon and Deion Jordan. As two of the first teachers at Crosstown High, this pair knows what it means to teach in a school that’s challenging the typical way of doing things in American public education.

What’s their advice after their first year teaching at Crosstown?

Never teach alone. 

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  • In Episode 1 you’ll meet the teachers and students of Crosstown on opening day as they consider big questions like: “How do you reimagine something that has looked the same for generations? And what does a diverse society require — and need — in order to support a shared commitment to the common good?”
  • Episode 2 explores project-based learning at Crosstown by exploring the questions: “How active should learning be? How relevant? And what is required of adults if they are serious about expecting that kids will have a different experience — and a different feeling — in that thing we call ‘school’?”