One last gift to unwrap

What the future of learners should look like, a free online class, and a call for change. Here are 5 resources from XQ to inspire you.

By Carri Schneider

Most holiday gifts are already unwrapped, but XQ has one last round of surprises for you as 2018 comes to a close. Think of it as our way to help you with your 2019 resolution. Instead of the top five education stories in this week’s edition, we have the top five resources from XQ. Enjoy!

1. REGISTER: New MOOC from MITx on Competency-Based Education

Register now for a new online course, developed by the MIT Teaching Systems Lab with support from XQ. You’ll learn why so many educators are excited about competency-based education and its potential for closing opportunity gaps, as well as challenges and concerns. Enrollment is free, and you can earn a certificate from edX at no cost. Starts January 31.

2. RETHINK: XQ Learner Goals

The next generation must learn to adapt to a changing world. From building the academics needed for college, career, and life to co-creating with others to find solutions to our world’s toughest problems, the five XQ learner goals aim to develop students who are deeply engaged in their own learning and fully prepared for all that the future has to offer.

3. EXPLORE: Knowledge Modules

Illustration of a light bulb

Are you a current or aspiring school leader eager for resources to inspire and inform transformation in your school? Start with our Knowledge Modules. These interactive learning modules offer a mix of cutting-edge academic research and inspiration to help anyone think boldly about both the possibilities and the realities of rethinking high school.

4. SUBSCRIBE: Super Series

Want to see XQ Super Schools in action? Now you can follow each school’s journey to rethink high school. Text SUPER to 225568 and we’ll share examples of their unique approaches to teaching and learning—straight to your phone.

5. WATCH: Urgency for Change

We believe high schools are the next frontier in the fight for educational equity. It’s time to rethink high schools to model the real-world, engaging learning that students and families deserve. This two-minute video describes the urgency for change and the XQ call to action.