Mauro Bautista

Principal Bautista leads a school named for a civil rights activist who fought against educational discrimination and he continues that work of educational equity today.

By Team XQ

Principal, Mendez High School

Raised in Los Angeles, Mr. Bautista is very proud of his upbringing. He takes ownership of the fact that he is from an immigrant family that came to the United States in the early 80’s. He started his educational path as an undocumented student in the community of Boyle Heights and acknowledges that he is blessed to be able to work and reside in the community that he currently serves. As a young, energized and eager graduate of UCLA’s Teach Education program, Mr. Bautista began teaching social studies to 6th graders and ESL to 6th – 8th graders in 2000. He enjoyed a fruitful experience there for ten years before moving on to Mendez High School in 2010 as one of the campus’ assistant principals. After serving one year under that role, he transitioned over to the role of principal for the Math and Science school. But, with the changes in structure at the school they have since reconfigured the campus into one sole high school and in the fall of 2013 he became the principal for the entire school. Afterward that position, he transitioned back to Mendez High School where he is currently the principal of the school.