Give Me Five Top 5: Start Next School Year With 2020 Vision

That's a wrap on 2019! Let's look back on our 5 favorite resources of the year.

By Team XQ

The holiday season is approaching…and fast. So, we thought we’d let you relive the joy from some of Give Me Five’s top stories.

CAROL: What to do with a Scrooge

If there’s anything we can learn from Ebenezer Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol,” it’s that there’s no better time for second chances than the holidays. And we also know that in every classroom, there’s always a “Scrooge” (or two) who misbehave in the most inopportune times and ways. While it’s easy to punish them with a referral or detention, there might be another way to prevent “Scrooge moments” from escalating—and that’s where restorative justice strategies can help. You can use restorative justice to emphasize values like empathy, respect, acceptance, accountability, and so much more. And you just might encourage your Scrooge to be more like Tiny Tim. 

Give Scrooge a second chance. 

CELEBRATE: The more the merrier

Imagine walking into your school’s holiday party. You see science teachers hanging out in a corner, English teachers chatting at a table, admins and leaders laughing in a casual circle…but where do you fit in? It doesn’t feel good when you don’t feel like you’re “part of the party.” But imagine how much worse it feels in the same scenario—as a student already struggling to navigate the social scene at school on top of confusing emotions. Whether you’re a child or adult, we all want to feel like we belong. And having that sense of belonging makes you become more engaged in whatever it is you’re doing. So, how do you create a sense of belonging in every student every day? 

Let’s get this party started.

DECORATE: Deck the halls with goals 

With every new holiday season comes a new year. And with every new year comes a surge of energy, hope, and inspiration for whatever comes next. So, let us ask you this: What do you want for your students in 2020? How will you help them set and achieve their goals? How will you keep them inspired for whatever comes next? It might be a good time to revisit the XQ Learner Goals Infographics (yes, you can print them and post them up in your classroom, school, or anywhere else). Use them as a guide to help develop students who are deeply engaged in their own learning and prepare them for all that the future has to offer.

Start the new year with 2020 vision.

SLEIGH: Making learning worth the ride 

Ah, winter break. It’s one of our favorite times of the year. Yes, we love the warm feelings the holiday season brings. But, we also love them because it means we get a long break. So while there’s time, here’s something to think about: Why is it that one of the core learning strategies we use with students is memorization, when data shows that students forget 80% – 90% of what they memorize? Over the break, try reflecting on ways to create deeper learning experiences for them. Because everyone has something they’re passionate about. Why not use those passions to get them excited to learn? See how you can apply deeper learning in your classroom in 2020.


JINGLE: Make it all the way through 2020

It’s hard to feel sad when you’re surrounded by holiday lights, decorations, and festivities. But if you need to decompress this holiday season and don’t know where to start, this quote (and story) are a good place to do it: 

“Regardless of whether you teach in an established, well-resourced private or suburban school or in an underfunded school in an underserved community, teaching is emotional work and is inherently stressful. I have no doubt that we all enter this field of work because we want to positively impact young people. By cultivating resilience, we can fulfill the intentions that brought us into this profession.”

You got this!