XQ Live

2019 Spring Nationwide

XQ began with the simple idea that bringing people together and creating a spark can fuel authentic innovation around the country. In spring 2019, we expressed continuing faith in that concept when we partnered with Pop-Up Magazine, artist Hebru Brantley, and a wide range of talented writers, filmmakers, artists, and producers to deliver an unforgettable, immersive storytelling experience. We took the stage across nine cities to bring the stories of teachers, students, and education leaders to life through audio, video, animation, and music. During the show, the audience tackled challenging topics that asked them to think differently about what’s possible for high school education. The tour incorporated both national and local perspectives to inspire audiences to see themselves as part of the story and work together to reimagine high schools in their own communities. By telling these stories, we hoped to empower and mobilize the public to help make high school what it can and should be.