XQ in a Box

A comprehensive roadmap to high school transformation.

This interactive digital toolkit is packed with resources to help teams work together as they rethink high school in their communities. XQ in a Box includes videos featuring the real-life experiences of school builders, examples from inspiring schools, advice from experts, links to foundational resources, and printable worksheets and posters.
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Explore the XQ Design process!

This XQ Design toolkit will help you and your team work together to rethink high school in your community. Use these materials to engage thoughtfully and creatively with the big challenges of high school design—challenges like addressing inequities, incorporating new approaches to teaching and learning, listening to students, getting the community involved, and looking beyond the day-to-day constraints that often stifle innovative thinking.

Organized in three phases, our 13 knowledge modules support community changemakers with everything they need to tackle the big challenges of high school design.

1. Students in the 21st Century
2. Youth Experience and Aspiration
3. Science of Adolescent Learning

4. School Mission and Culture
5. Teaching and Learning
6. Student Agency and Engagement
7. Networks and Partnerships

8. Talent and Training
9. Student Assessment
10. Time, Space, and Technology
11. Financial Model and Sustainability
12. Continuous Improvement
13. Mobilizing for Implementation

Available in English and Spanish

Sound ambitious? It is. We’re so glad you’re here.