Partnership Tools

XQ Partnership Suite of Tools

Resources for scaling high school transformation through partnerships.

XQ forges partnerships with school systems—usually states or districts—whose leaders believe, as we do, that high schools must do a better job of ensuring that all young people are well prepared for college, careers, and everything the future has to offer.

To each partnership, XQ brings a rigorous and inspirational design process grounded in research on what makes high schools effective and how young people learn. We work closely with partners to help schools form dynamic school design teams, including people with ideas and passion for high schools who don’t always have a seat at the table—especially young people themselves. 

We help mobilize the broader community through energizing events, strategic outreach, and informative communications with local leaders, neighbors, and cultural, career, and community organizations. We collaborate with our partners to meet their specific local needs and timelines, while also supporting the system itself as it builds capacity to enable and sustain high school redesign.


XQ Design Kit

Sent to you as you begin your journey, the kit is a box of tools to help you bring your bold school design ideas to life.


XQ Design Journey Map

All school designs are unique, but this example highlights what the journey can look like, and how success is achieved.

Youth Voice Cards

Youth Voice Cards

A deck designed to engage and empower the youth.

Ladder of Youth Participation

A guide to help you reach the top of youth engagement.


Casting a Team Booklet

How to recruit the right people, so you can build your bold ideas.


Casting a Team Poster

A guide to help you center the people closest to making the work a reality.