A partnership to transform high school learning.

About the Partnership

The Carnegie and XQ partnership aims to build a new architecture for learning to replace the current time-based system through: prizes at the national, state, and community levels to create, elevate, and amplify transformative learning experiences inside and outside of school; partnerships to seek and seed the most promising outcomes-based—not time-based high school models and modalities; a postsecondary consortium to reduce dependencies on time-based learning models and instead “credit” and “credential” student mastery and performance in diverse contexts; an evidence and improvement lab to build and share scholarship and practical resources on what works, for whom, and under what conditions; and policy, advocacy, and culture change—because we need all three to get to scale and make sure no student, no school, no district, or state is left out of the improvements we intend to make together.
Carnegie Foundation + XQ

About The Carnegie Foundation

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching was chartered by an act of Congress in 1906. Since then, it has pioneered many transformative advancements in education, including the creation of the Carnegie Unit; TIAA; standards for schools of law, medicine, education, and engineering; Educational Testing Service; the GRE; Pell Grants; the Carnegie Classifications; and the use of improvement science. Today, the Carnegie Foundation has set its sights on tackling the nation’s most significant educational challenge: achieving educational equity for students from historically underserved populations. Carnegie will leverage its expertise, assets, partnerships, convening power, and social and reputational capital to address longstanding educational inequities that impede economic mobility and exacerbate racial inequality. To learn more about our ongoing work, please visit our website and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.
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About XQ

XQ Institute is the nation's leading organization dedicated to rethinking the high school experience so that every student graduates ready to succeed in life. We work in communities throughout the country, with individual schools and entire school systems, to help them dream big about what high school could be, turn their innovative ideas into action, and create more rigorous and equitable schools. We share what’s working with other schools and districts, so they can tailor new models to the needs of their own students and communities. We know that seeing is believing, so we meet people where they are to share the importance and possibility of change through listening, learning, and storytelling. And our open-source tools, based on research and design thinking, empower people to take up the challenge of transforming their high schools with a unifying goal: unlocking the American promise of a high-quality education for everyone.
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The New ‘New Education’

Charles Eliot charted a course of education reform 150 years ago. Now it falls to us to update his vision for today’s challenges. Read more from Russlynn Ali on The Atlantic.