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Student Voice Matters: NYC Students Get Real About COVID-19

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    • Student Voice Matters: NYC Students Get Real About COVID-19

      Two New York City graduating seniors share how they developed their voice, not just for themselves but for their student communities, in this time of global crisis.

      In New York City, and across the country, the Covid-19 pandemic radically transformed the high school experiences of students. This conversation between New York City graduating high school students Sokhnadiarra Ndiaye and Makai Bryan gives you insights into what that sudden shift looked, felt and sounded like, from their perspective.

      We hope their stories inspire you to use your voice to heighten the collective impact of student voice.

      Sokhnadiarra Ndiaye

      Graduating Senior, Brooklyn College Academy High School
      Sokhnadiarra Ndiaye is a graduating senior at Brooklyn College Academy High School who views the world as her classroom. Motivated by her intersectional identity to always fight for justice for all, she was previously a student-leader at Teens Take Charge, a student-led organization fighting for educational equity and school integration in New York City. Sokhnadiarra has also been on the youth executive board of The Service Learning Project, a Griptape challenger, and a member of the NYC Department of Education Youth Leadership Council for Sustainability. She is currently an SEO Scholar and will be taking her passions to Cornell University in the fall of 2020.

      Makai Bryan

      Graduating Senior, Orchard Collegiate Academy
      Makai Bryan is a graduating senior and President at Orchard Collegiate Academy. His passion is education and finance and to make the wishes of the masses heard.



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