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Educator Strategies: Using Covid-19 as a Teachable Moment

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    • Educator Strategies: Using Covid-19 as a Teachable Moment

      Join us in conversation as we share best practices and resources for making COVID-19 a teachable moment.

      How can we help students find comfort through making real world connections to academic subjects? Why is it important to use what we already know to make sense of the unknown? What happens locally when a national emergency becomes a global pandemic?

      Teachers Nikki Wallace and David Moscarelli come together to discuss how they’re each using Covid-19 as a teachable moment, and not just in science classes. Listen in as they share best practices, resources, and a variety of ways to problem solve across content areas to meet students with knowledge and empathy. Then share your own ideas for how to take on this challenging work with us and the rest of the community.


      Nikki Wallace

      Teacher, Crosstown High
      Nikki Wallace is an experienced teacher and former researcher with a particular interest in teaching high school students to do real science experimentation in the biology classroom. Skilled in design thinking, problem-based learning, science education, literacy, classroom management, and curriculum design, she holds a masters of education in secondary education biology from Grand Canyon University.

      David Moscarelli

      Teacher, Ponaganset High School
      David Moscarelli has been a teacher at Ponaganset High School for almost 30 years and was Rhode Island Teacher of the Year in 2015. His teaching covers a wide range of science courses, including alternative energy, biology, physical science, AP environmental science, and two courses he has designed and taught: animal behavior and ecosystems. He has been the instructional-technology coordinator at the school, working with his colleagues on the integration of technology into the classroom.




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What ideas can you share about teaching the science of Covid-19 to high school students?

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