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When Does America’s History Begin? You Decide.

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    • When Does America’s History Begin?
      You Decide.

      How we tell American history matters. 1619 and 1776, two different years, two different pictures of America.

      1619 or 1776: One year, we’ve been taught through tradition and in our history classes, is associated with freedom from tyranny, apple pie, fireworks, and BBQs. The other, 1619 represents the arrival of the first enslaved Africans in the English North American colonies. Depending on where you start, and how you frame America’s origin story, you get a radically different perspective.

      The videos below from Driving Force Institute take us straight into fundamental questions about history, narrative, and power. Approach these videos with a critical, historical lens and a willingness to engage in deep discussion with others around how these major events shape the lived experiences of American history. Reframing American history through the lens of 1619 begs the question, how old is America? And why does it matter?


      “1619: The Legacy of Slavery in America” and “What Is The Significance Of 1619?”

      Meet Nikole Hannah-Jones, author of New York Times’ “1619 Project” who will examine the impact of that year on American History, culture and development.

      Three significant events took place in 1619, that significantly changed America, find out what they are in this video and if they support your claim.

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What additional evidence, primary or secondary sources, do you need to support your argument for 1619 or 1776?

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