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On a Journey to Rethink High School

We believe high schools are the next frontier in the fight for educational equity. And we know that equity demands action, not just aspiration. We take action by partnering with students, educators, families, leaders, and community members in schools, districts, and systems across the country who are ready to deliver on the tremendous promise that transforming our schools holds.

Meet the XQ Schools

Brooklyn Laboratory High School
Brooklyn, New York
Educating all learners.
Santa Ana, California
A school developing connected lifelong learners.
Crosstown High
Memphis, Tennessee
Never stop learning. Design the future.
Da Vinci RISE High
Los Angeles, California
Reconnecting students through anytime, anywhere learning.
Elizabethton High School
Elizabethton, Tennessee
A vision for the future of high school—designed by students, for students.
students in houston
Furr High School
Houston, Texas
Empowering students to tackle environmental injustice.
Grand Rapids Public Museum School
Grand Rapids, Michigan
A school embedded in community learning spaces.
Iowa BIG
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Unleashing human potential using a student-driven, project-based approach.
Latitude High School
Oakland, California
Oakland is their home. The Bay Area is their extended classroom.
New Harmony High
New Orleans, Louisiana
Students as stewards of the future.
Ponaganset High School
Glocester, Rhode Island
A school on a path toward equitable, personalized learning for all.
PSI High
Sanford, Florida
A future-ready high school.
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Purdue Polytechnic High School
Indianapolis, Indiana
A high school experience powered by partnerships.
Summit Shasta
Daly City, California
A school preparing a diverse student population for success in a four-year college or university and fostering thoughtful, contributing members of society.
Tiger Ventures
Endicott, New York
A school for young entrepreneurs who are fueling their future and community.
Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts (TAPA)
Providence, RI
A school cultivating the artist’s mindset with academic rigor and love.
Tulsa Beyond
Tulsa Beyond
Tulsa, OK
A district-led partnership to transform high schools.
Vista High School
Vista High School
Vista, California
Students and teachers redefining learning together.
Washington Leadership Academy
Washington Leadership Academy
Washington, D.C.
See the future. Be the future.
A statewide initiative to rethink high school.
New York City, NY
Reimagining high school in the nation’s largest school district.

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Meet XQ Educators

Lillian Hsu
Latitude High School Founding Principal
“We want students to take what they’re learning in the classroom and see the real-world possibilities. We want them to expand their sense of what they’re capable of accomplishing.”
Deion Jordan
Crosstown High Director of Competencies
"When we think about culture, it's political and sociocultural, but it's also about student interests. It's showing that we value students and we think that's important."
Becky Herman
Iowa BIG Teacher
“I believe that teenagers are our most underutilized resource. To witness the energy that a group of passionate students can build toward a common goal in an unrestrictive environment is inspirational and, at times, jaw-dropping.”
Dustin Hensley
Elizabethton High School Media Specialist and Bartleby Program Co-Founder
“When we talk about rethinking high school, students and teachers and the community have to be a part of the conversation. Otherwise, it’s just another program with a catchy acronym and tagline that’s doomed to fail."
Anthony Burrell
New Harmony High Community Coordinator
“My hope for all my students is that learning here gives them the self-confidence to pursue their interests, explore the world, and make a positive change in their communities no matter where they end up.”
Angela Daniel
PSI High Instructional Strategist and Coach
"Our students’ future is shaping up to be a place where learning how to learn will be the ultimate skill they’ll need to master. That’s why it’s time we shift the power dynamic and give students a proper seat at the table in their own education."

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