Teachers, Want Advice from Students on Books They Enjoy? Listen to “Summer Reading” on This Teenage Life

Click on the full episode of This Teenage Life here and wherever podcasts are found.  By Beth…

By Beth Fertig

Click on the full episode of This Teenage Life here and wherever podcasts are found. 

By Beth Fertig

Summer gives teens more freedom to read for fun and for curiosity. 

Educators who wonder how to help their students enjoy reading will find some handy tips in this latest episode of This Teenage Life.

  • “I have a habit of falling out of reading,” said one teen. She recommends finding a book that reminds you of one you loved when you were younger, like “Little Women” or the Harry Potter series—but pick a more “mature” version in the same genre. She also started “For Whom the Bell Tolls” and discovered the title’s connection to works she read in school by the poet John Dunne. 
  • “Sometimes when you want a book like you just read but you don’t want to reread it,” said another teen. “So you read a book that’s very similar but it’s also fun.”
  • But not everyone cares about authors. “I select books based on the plot.” 
  • Teens using Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok to find recommendations. “TikTok is awesome.”
  • Check out a book preview online to see if you like it. Sometimes there are raffles, too, as incentives, said one teen: “It allows me to find new authors that I enjoy because sometimes I find myself in a hole where I run out of ideas.”
  • Pick up a novel that’s a different type of book than you usually like. “If you really like mysteries, I recommend that you try romance.”
  • More advice: “A lof of times I’ll just go to the library and go through shelves and pick out anything that catches my eye and leave with eight books.”

The episode also includes some book recommendations from teens.

At XQ, we value youth voice and choice. It’s one of our design principles for rethinking how to make better high schools. We’re proud to sponsor TTL because we believe listening to students helps educators foster another design principle: caring, trusting relationships. When teens feel valued, they can also thrive in school—putting them on the path to success in college or careers.

We believe conversations like these are important for educators to hear if they’re to fully appreciate their students and help them reach their full potential. Enjoy this latest episode of TTL sponsored by XQ.

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Art by Cloe Moreno, provided by This Teenage Life