Listen to How Teachers Can Help Students Feel Seen on “This Teenage Life”

XQ  is proud to sponsor This Teenage Life (TTL), a podcast made by and for…

By Beth Fertig

XQ  is proud to sponsor This Teenage Life (TTL), a podcast made by and for teens. TTL features diverse teen voices and helps them share their stories about issues that are relevant to their lives such as: feelings of loneliness and hopes for reconnecting during the pandemic, body image, grief about climate change, destigmatizing periods, and many more.

April’s episode, “Feeling Seen,” looks at how teachers can connect with teens not just as students, but as whole humans and unique individuals. How does this help them learn? 

Listen as young adults talk about what teachers can do to build caring, trusting relationships with students. This is just one of the six XQ Design Principles that we believe are essential to rethinking high school so that all students graduate ready to succeed in college, career, and life. 


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The episode includes recordings of teens talking about the qualities and actions of teachers who “see them” and how this impacts their classwork and their growth as individuals. We hope their voices as well as the interview between a young woman and her high school humanities teacher will offer you ideas and insights from high school students themselves about how to ensure they feel seen, heard, and inspired.

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