These Students Won the XQ #MakeASongChallenge

Students from across the country submitted original songs about issues close to them. Here's how music professionals reacted to them.

By Sarah Baltazar-Pinheiro

Oakland-based musical group SOL Development reacts to top songs from the XQ #MakeASongChallenge. Students from across the country created an original song bringing attention to an issue close to their heart. Winners received home studio equipment and more! The next #Artivism challenge starts March 17th with New Orleans artist BMike Odums. Sign up today at!

Want to check out the full songs?

  1. Problems of the Public & Fears of the Private by Fausto Guzman
  2. Brick Wall by Vanessa Perez
  3. what did u mean when u said normal? by Violet Woodbeck
  4. Burned at the Stake by Madison Skeldon
  5. Love Surrounds You; Don’t Surrender by Drew Kardos
  6. How It Used to Be by Sarah Epley
  7. Toxic Emotions by Emry Herring, Jesus Garcia, and Jhaiell Kilgore 
  8. Internalized Tr@nsfobia by Maya Leone 
  9. Levels by Corneria Greer
  10. Target by Daniel Triggs 
  11. Black in America by Isaiah Hightower & Paris Simone

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