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Class of 2020 Senior Superlatives


  • Class of 2020 Senior Superlatives

    Most Likely To…

    Hey, high school Class of 2020! Nominate yourself or a fellow graduate who’s most likely to _______. In this Senior Superlative, students like you get to choose the categories. Download these templates and post on social media tagging @graduatetogether on Instagram and @gradtogether on Twitter using #GraduateTogether.








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    How do you insert a photo, can’t download the templates?

    Hey R HL!


    If you click the links next to the photos, the template opens up and you can save from there. You’ll have to use a third-party app (i.e. Photoshop, Snapchat, etc.) to add your photo and make it your own.

    I nominate my very best friend Christina Bruno for being the most successful senior of 2020. Together we conquer whatever the world throws at us. She is an A and B honor roll student and I have never been so proud of her. I can see her as being one of those successful people on television because she is so vey talented, smart, courageous, and does not take no for an answer. She works very hard especially in school and without her I most likely would have found it way harder to graduate this year.

    My name is Jaylan Jordan I am a Senior at Sabine Pass ISD.  I have perfect attendance.  Im currently taking all AP classes.  I am a A-B Honor Roll student.  I attend the number 1 school in the Beaumont region.  I belive Sabine is successful because the teachers, students and parents all work together as a team.

    Most likely brighten my day

    Most Likely to be an actress

    I’m nominating three of my senior friends. One for most likely to binge riverdale in one night just because. One for most likely to paint their nails in the hallway. And one for most likely to buy a Bob Ross Chia Pet for themselves. They have either done these things or agree that they would do these things.

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