Billboard reading "Your Artwork Here"
Billboard reading "Your Artwork Here"

XQ + For Freedoms Billboard Challenge

Win a billboard with your art. Show the power of student voice.

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Be a bold voice for change

What big dreams do you have for the future of high school? We called on all students ages 13-21 to create a piece of visual art showing their vision for high school for the next generation. Their canvas? A 14’ x 48’ billboard. The prize? Seeing their art featured on a billboard in their community!

Students delivered, and voting starts November 22. Head to the contest gallery to explore the amazing student work and cast your vote for our winners. Voting closes on December 3, so vote, share, and make your voice heard!

Win Amazing Prizes

Submissions will be voted on by the public. The first 100 students to submit work get a $20 gift card. The top ten winners take home some serious prizes (see right). 

Terms and Conditions*

  • Billboard

    Your art on a billboard in your community

  • Home studio

    A creative home studio with an iPad, Apple Pencil and Procreate software

  • Artist Spotlight

    A youth artist spotlight at For Freedoms’ National Conference


  • September 17

    Challenge opens

  • November 18

    Submission window closes

  • November 22-December 3

    Public voting period

  • December 15

    Winners announced

Design your sign

Your billboard has the potential to open — and possibly change — people’s hearts and minds. Follow these steps to create and submit your art. Be sure to download the Billboard Creative Brief for the full rundown.

  1. Pick a prompt:

    • I want a future that is…
    • If high school was a dream, what would it look like?
    • What inspires you to learn?
  2. Follow our handy billboard design tips

  3. Create your artwork

  4. Submit your billboard


Inspiration strikes when it feels like it, so be ready for it. Consider everyone, everything, everywhere a potential muse. In the meantime, we’ve put together a few resources to get your right brain nice and loosened up.