Student Challenges

XQ + For Freedoms Billboard Challenge

What big dreams do you have for the future of high school? We called on all students ages 13-21 to create a piece of visual art showing their vision for high school for the next generation. Their canvas? A 14’ x 48’ billboard. The prize? Seeing their art featured on a billboard in their community!

Students delivered, and we are thrilled to announce our winners! Congratulations to Olivia Wood, Karisse Dickison, Cinara Marquis, Elizabeth Zheng, Duta Dago, Tinsley Collins, Bronwyn Alexander, Elisa Hernandez, Adam Salem, Mame Issa Ndoye, and Kendric Warrick. Explore their powerful visions of racial equity, environmental justice, and acceptance for all. We can’t wait to see these dreams on billboards across the country!