Dr. Marc Eckō

CCO & Board Member
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Dr. Marc Eckō is an entrepreneur, fashion designer, angel investor, advocate for creators and education reformer. Once a graffiti artist with no connections or fashion pedigree, in 1993 Marc left the safety net of pharmacy school to start his own fashion company – Eckō Unlimited. He is also the founder, and chief brand and creative officer of COMPLEX, a media-broadcast platform that creates and publishes content covering the best, most diverse and relevant voices in culture. COMPLEX has established one of the most sought-after audiences of millennial influencers ever assembled.

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Emerson Collective

XQ works in direct collaboration with Emerson Collective, which is dedicated to removing barriers to opportunity so people can live to their full potential. Established and led by Laurene Powell Jobs, Emerson Collective’s work focuses on education, immigration reform, the environment, and other social justice initiatives. XQ is an independent affiliate of Emerson Collective.

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