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This song is about not caring what people think and knowing that you have the strength to come back from it because you know you have what it takes to do that when you have confidence in yourself.

Leandra Hughes
Black in America (Feet. Paris Simone)

writers, Isaiah Hightower & Paris Simone

Isaiah Hightower

This piece I have composed combines Rustic Black Metal as well as more traditional Germanic acoustic sounds in an effort to truly exonify my personal existential journey whereas I am in a world of which I do not belong. As a culturally and biologically Northern European born in a foreign land, I have long relied upon my own mechanizations to stay afloat so to speak, always struggling to wriggle against the confines that attempt to shut me out. Currently I sit within an industrialized urban landscape, witnessing vicariously the destruction of my spiritual ethnic hearth due to corporate enterprise and human lust birthed from unnatural means of which soon will be the destruction of us all, as is all that opposes the natural way of things. In conclusion, I wrote this song in purest expression of thought and emotional stigma because I am HUMAN.

Dylan Schmeichel
true be told

I have see so many bad thing on the new but people don't know what it like being black and my song show the true to that.

Faith Skeete

A.O.A. stands for "Actions Over Anger." It's great to support a cause that's important to us by promoting it on social media; HOWEVER, if that's the only way we're showing support, we're missing out on bigger opportunities to make a change. If there are social issues that anger you, find organizations that strive to solve them and learn how you can join those efforts and physically contribute. "Your misery is your ministry!"

Leiana Boldon
Set Upon A Voyage™

“Although this is all not sorted out just yet, you and I are set upon to judge and fudge and nudge even more; although this is a vivid awe-inspiration Of a topic seeming nothing but not “so” good, and it still shall succeed with no more doubts. You and me once again are in the constant chance... me and you can be targets of, and mercy is not quite reasonable. In that I am a constant sufferer at current halt of viability unfortunately, this is all not sorted out Just yet, and though no more I try to please at least. (If)You do not care enough, (then)And ceasing is necessary of this burden which is all not sorted out just yet, Success is following as you and me are set upon to the destination which will bring hay and fruits that are pleasing to you and me and all In a world that will come true along as I and you can do what we are set to do. All the trying seems like not enough, but if you know the way to the voyager’s far end You can let me know-- it will go to the high resolution no matter the uts and buts and hurts in and out. Set Upon A Voyage™ ”

Meet Khatiwala
# (Hashtag)

# (Hashtag) was written in May of 2020 amidst the BLM (Black Lives Matter) protests. It really shows one of the many true emotions of the black community during this time which is fear. The song takes you on a journey of what it means to black in America. Please Enjoy!

Katrina Manor
Flashback by Temi Odukoy ft. Raspo

My song is to encourage others to make them feel motivated when they feel emotionally distressed. It’s a reminder that God is there to helps us through it.

Temiloluwa Odukoya

I wrote about how blacks are being targeted

Daniel Triggs
Every nights

Slow and rap type song

Alex Acha
Parted in two

Hip hop love song

Alex Johnson
Stank Eye

Stank Eye is a song that questions people about why they judge and choose to bother others. It also helps people see what others might feel like when they are judged or looked at in a nasty way.

Natalie Young

I wrote about growing up and trying to make sense of all the bad stuff that's going on around you. I feel like every kid has to face some kind of dysfunction in their families, probably when they're too young, and when you're watching it play out you wish you could go back to how it was. Especially with everything going on in the world right now, it's easy to be nostalgic for simpler times.

Ella Hanson

I chose to talk about racial inequality through the perspective of a black woman because that is who I am. By being a black woman, I face challenges due to being both "black" and a "woman" in addition to challenges when those labels intersect and I am seen as "black woman". So, I wanted to take this opportunity to show my personal perspective since that is the one that no one else can speak on.

Tierson Wood
what did u mean when u said 'normal'?

This idea is supposed to be interpretational and thought-provoking. I see the term normal as a stereotype of who you're supposed to be, but there shouldn't be a definition for that. As there is a lot of use of the word normal lately, I think it’s important to evaluate what ‘normal’ really means to you (and to others) and whether it is a good or bad thing. There is a lot of importance in accepting yourself and others, and to embracing uniqueness and change. I hope you receive this piece in a way that can be meaningful to you.

Violet Woodbeck

A song about how students may not discover what they're passionate about due to education's focus on getting kids into college, despite college being the place where students should develop in the field they're passionate about. A software voice synthesizer is used to emphasize both the industrial nature of college readiness in schools, as well as the effect it may leave on students' perceptions of their work.

Thomas Edwards

For hundreds of years African Americans have been oppressed and we have been seeing so much police brutality recently it honestly angers me. When the George Floyd and Breonna Taylor killings happened I wanted so badly to be apart of the BLM Movement but my father was afraid that I would get beat, killed or put in jail. As an African American teenager I feel it is my responsibility to explain to society how I feel about my people being killed by some of the people who are supposed to protect us. I am in the next generation of leaders so I have to make it my duty to fight for our TRUE freedom and equality. In my song Levels make it clear that although I was not able to protest I will not let go of the unjust wrongdoings of African Americans and no matter what I will fight and my people will fight through the madness until we finally become truly free and equal.

Corneria Greer
Let The Love Inside

My song is about finding love in a hateful world. The world can be so negative and sad but I know that there is hope and love can be found. If we look at ourselves first and love ourselves first then we will know how to love others.

Jazzmine Locher

This song is how I feel now due to my family. I have learned from bad experiences and it made me a better person. Music is a way to convey my thoughts and emotions into powerful lyrics.

Laura-Mai Lo
Lady Liberty: A Homeless Perspective

This discusses how America looks to the homeless in our country. It also encourages us to change our attitudes towards those in bad situations. We can change our country one mindset at a time. It urges people to be kinder and more compassionate to those in need. Having been homeless myself once, I am always willing to help them and have been shocked by the things people say about those they do not know. Homeless people are people too. They are not dirt or scum. They deserve to be loved and seen.

Heather Risher
I made this in IMovie

Often when I get “sad” or “in my feels” I like to listen to music; sometimes I’ll even write it. I’ve never been a great lyricist so what hoping to convey with this wordless little song, is that happiness isn’t easy to come across. I try to convey this (keyword TRY) with a rather soft and not so happy guitar piece, then I introduce a harmonica bit to try (keyword again TRY) and bring that calmly somber melody to a happy and uplifting song.

Colman Agranov