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Worlds Anthem

I wanted to create a song that unites us. One that recognizes that there continues to be love despite our battles, where we stand together as equals. This is Worlds Anthem Thank you 🙂

Kemily Henry
we won't forget

A scathing contempt of Trump's actions regarding the LGBT community, sarah siempre's rap combines a mix of education, emotion, and even a little bit of humor.

Sarah Kaul
brick wall

This song conveys a message on mental health. The song itself speaks about putting a mask on but also crying for and no one listening

vanessa perez
Black Is Power

this song is about racism and how its affecting us

Natalie Davoren
How it Used to Be

This song is about the environmental problem of marine pollution. The ocean is a beautiful thing, but it is being destroyed by our ignorance and greed. I wrote this song to call attention to the issue and the many problems it faces. The song begins with a sadder tone, but builds at the end as more hope is shown in the lyrics. It's devastating to see such beauty and innocence destroyed. We can save our planet and our oceans, but we need to take action now.

Sarah Epley

I am a music therapist that works with kids of all ages, races, and ethnicities. This summer brought up a lot of big feelings for the students I work with and this is a song expressing some of these feelings.

Matt Roy
Love Surrounds You; Don't Surrender

This song was written about my journey from the depths of self-loathing to my realization that being perfect is not necessary to love who you are. I then reflect on my experience to help other individuals climb out of the hole that mental health throws you in.

Drew Kardos
Problems Of The Public & Fears Of The Private

A song discussing the issues that affect the public such as police brutality and inequality as well as people having to do bad things because their position forces them to and problems that affect me like feeling distanced with people who I like and not knowing my path in life.

Fausto Guzman

This Beat I produced is about racial injustices that African Americans face in America.From police brutality to mass incarceration all of it. I chose to make a beat because I communicate better through music than words. With this beat I want listeners to feel the pain and struggles that we feel, but also feel that hope of better days to come.

Christen Stringer
How Could It Be This Way

Love Song

Timothy Walker
Issues With Variety

Mental Health song. Spreading awareness to all in need

Nick Chivallatti

Made in just 5 days, virtually, by 6 young peers from India, Turkey, Jordan and Germany. The GSYUN - UNITE song embraces light amidst darkness and promotes unity and a sense of peace and solace in chaos.

Purvi Wadhwa
They Dont Understand

This track was made my me with iPhone headphones and Soundtrap. This song is about being unapologetically yourself no matter what others say because we all don’t always get to choose our battles, but we are all born who we are and need to embrace it. It touches on biracial/mixed kid problems. #xqsongchallenge

Tiffany Sawyer
New day

Just a song about getting up when you fall down. PLease dont pay to much attention to the quality, but rather the meaning of the song.

Chandler Kesler
Fake Smile

A lot of us struggle with mental issues. Whether its anxiety, depression or even just stress, it's there. I don't think a lot of us are as aware of it in other people as we should be, so this song is just to bring awareness to that.

Cristian Natareno
No Mercy

I am an 18 year old rapper who started making music when I was 12 and released music in June of 2020

Rod Collins
Riot now

My song is telling my perspective of racial suppression and how I’m tired of sitting down and watching my closest friends be hurt just for being the race they are my instrumental is about change and how we need to take charge to change things not only for ourselves but for everyone.

Joshua Wallace
Beauty In The Struggle

Instagram: @ joshua_pickett

Joshua Pickett
fed the fire

The song is talking about how my character “MarTrise” has stayed inside of a toxic relationship and gave everything he could to keep the relationship strong. This is called “feeding into the fire”. Eventually he finds his self-worth and decides to find someone new making his “new deed unapologetic” and rewarding.

Martrice Greene
Give Me a Peace of mind (remix)

I am advocating for mental health and my song is about coping with anxiety.

Airyana Mallardi
internalized Tr@nsfobi@

I recently discovered that i'm Non-binary and was having a lot of sleepless nights because i didn't want to accept it. The middle school and high school i went to was very homophobic and trans-phobic so much that in order to survive and make it through i had internalized beliefs that hid who I was from myself. This song is a big screw you to them and to anyone who is homophobic and or trans-phobic. I love you all, you are valid don't believe what people who aren't you tell you about yourself. You are you and you're beautiful <3

Maya Leone