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No matter where you are today and what you want to achieve, going to college is the best way to help ensure a bright future. College lets you discover new interests and develop skills that will connect you to a good job, one that’s rewarding and makes you happy. 

The XQ College Pathfinder will walk you through tips and tools to be sure you graduate high school prepared to succeed in the next stage of your life.

How to Use This Guide

Each section of the XQ College Pathfinder will help you:

1. See the big picture and understand what you need to do

2. Commit to take actions that will ensure your success

3. Connect to online resources where you can learn more and get started

Get All Five Sections of XQ College Pathfinder

Discovering Your Path to College
Think about your strengths, your interests, and your curiosities. Then imagine who you might want to be in the future and create a plan to get there.
Helps you:
  • Tune into your strengths and interests
  • Start a plan for getting to college
  • Make smart decisions that open doors for your future
Building Your Support Network
Find and build relationships with adults and peers who will support and guide you through high school and into college.
Helps you:
  • Understand how mentors can help you overcome barriers and get to college
  • Build a network of supporters who can help you now and in the future
Navigating Your Academic Journey
Understand what you need to do to attend college and develop your skills and interests.
Helps you:
  • Understand what courses are required to get to college
  • Select classes that will help develop your skills and interests
Paying for College
Learn about how to find the true cost of college and how to get financial aid.
Helps you:
  • Understand how much it costs to attend different types of colleges
  • Understand all the options available to help you pay for college—including free financial aid you don’t have to pay back
  • Connect to resources where you can apply for financial aid
Applying to College
Know every step of the application process and discover ways to stand out and get in.
Helps you:
  • Pick schools that are right for you
  • Prepare for college admissions tests
  • Complete your college applications

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