Tools and Resources to Address Systemic Inequities In Education

By 2:29pm PST June 22, 2020

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Adulting 101: Budgeting

When you leave high school behind, learning how to manage money becomes more and more important. Learn how to budget now, so you can be set up for success as you progress to the next chapters of your life.

Student Voice Matters: NYC Students Get Real About COVID-19

(25-minute video)
Listen in on this powerful conversation between two NYC students, as Sokhnadiarra and Makai discuss how they’ve worked to make a difference in their communities and why it’s so important to them.

Defining Black Joy and How to Celebrate It

Celebrating and spotlighting Black Joy is essential for racial justice. It’s a form of resistance rooted in celebration. It’s about uplifting the beauty within the Black community and honoring their right to happiness. While the fight for racial justice is far from over, it’s important to celebrate wins along the way. See how you can celebrate Black Joy every day.

Let’s Celebrate the Story behind Juneteenth and Why It’s Important

Until recently, not everyone knew about Juneteenth. Find out the history behind the holiday that many of us didn’t learn about in school. And see why Juneteenth is a beautiful expression of hope.


Educators As First Responders

(Video Series)
In the second video of this series brought to you by award-winning documentarian Lee Hirsch, educators discuss how to address inequities brought to light by the current crisis. This very special series, “When the School Doors Closed: Voices of Empathy and Resilience,” explores the crucial role educators are playing in the lives of students and families during the pandemic. Stay tuned for the next installment.

Using Restorative Circles to Have Tough Conversations

There’s no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic and national protests are on students’ minds. The emotions attached to recent events make it so important to give students a safe space to air their fears, anxieties, and stresses. See how you can use restorative circles to help navigate difficult conversations with your students.

Black Wall Street and the Quest for Financial Freedom

There was once a thriving community of Black-owned businesses in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Black Wall Street was the epitome of Black Excellence in the 1920s. Learn more about the history of this thriving community in Black Wall Street The Board Game and teach your students about entrepreneurship, economics, and Black Joy.

Words of Inspiration Students Everywhere Need to Hear #ByStudentsForStudents

(Video Series)
We’ve added another video to our series on student voice, so be sure to check it out. Listen in as high school students share how they’re coping with the pandemic, discuss how they’re using their time, and reflect on new realizations. And what they had to say is pretty grown-up.


Supporting Students with Incarcerated Parents or Family Members

Did you know that over 5 million children in the U.S. have incarcerated parents or family members? Among Black children, the number is one in nine. And those students often deal with the trauma that comes with it alone. Find out you can help students in this tough position feel supported.

When They See Us: Media Bias and Data Analysis

(Resources for Netflix Series)
Use the Netflix series “When They See Us” as a tool to teach your family lessons about civics, journalism, media bias, and more. Watch the series and follow along with each episode using these activities, reflections, and prompts designed to deepen the conversation about systemic racism.

Student Voice: “Speak Up and Let Your Voice Be Heard”

Meet Vera Brown, a high school student who wrote an open letter on Instagram sharing her raw feelings and thought-provoking insights about why #BlackLivesMatter. Feel similarly? Respond to her post.


Understanding America’s History of Racial Injustice Through Film

(Film Recs)
We curated a list of 5 must-watch movies, films, and documentaries that shed light on the U.S. criminal justice system, mass incarceration, and policing.

Confronting America’s History of Racial Injustice

(Resources With Videos)
Explore historical events that are missing from our history books with resources from the Equal Justice Initiative. It’s time for those stories to be told, heard, seen, and shared.



The Civil Right of Education, By the Numbers

Black children make up less than 15% of the total youth population, yet they comprise 32% of youth arrests. Only 59% of Black students enroll in college immediately after graduating high school. And that’s not all. See the data that uncovers the inequities in our education system.

Exploring the 1619 Project

(Podcast & Resources)
1619 is the year the first enslaved Africans arrived in what is now the U.S. It’s also the name of a powerful podcast that examines America’s long history of slavery. Listen to the New York Times podcast and be sure to check out the accompanying curriculum from the Pulitzer Center.

Editorial Associate, XQ Institute. Hana is a recent graduate of Barnard College in New York and has spent the last two years working around issues of economic inequality, welfare reform, and gender justice.