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#XQMistyChallenge This was super fun to make 🙈 @xq

♬ Youre Gonna Make It XQChallenge - XQ
Furaha ( Joy )

I wanted to showcase happiness in what you love to do and for me dance brings me joy.

Tamyra Turner
"Black Excellence"

This dance was created as a form of limitless expression, particularly because I posses no professional training in dance. It's to serve as a reminder to all not to think to hard about how good someone else is or seems to be. Simply have fun and fulfill your purpose through what you love. Dance is for all body shapes, genders, ethnicities, and orientations. Lastly, this dance serves to pay homage to my ancestors, because I wouldn't be me without them. And I have big plans to change the world and help all people through dance/Writing/Film--regardless of how they identify.

Samarah Bentley
Don’t Be Afraid, Yes You Can Do It

Inspired by the song “You’re Gonna Make It.” In this dance, I’m struggling if I can do it or not, I’m fighting with those thoughts in my head telling “you’re not going do it, you can’t make it.” Throughout this dance, I break those negative thoughts and just do it. Don’t let your fears win the fight. Don’t be afraid anymore, you can make it. You are going to make it.

Ericka Rivas Navarro
Follow Your Light

Inspired by the song “You’re Gonna Make It.” This Dance is about not letting all those negative comments and things enter your head. Let them out, and follow your light. Be yourself through your Art. Thank you!

Karianyelis Rivas Navarro
All The “Impossible” is Possible

This dance is inspired by the song “You’re gonna make it.” The dance relates to the life on an individual wanting to follow its dream of being a performing artist but is stuck in his/her head since many people has tell her/him that they can’t do it. However, in the process of the dance piece, it shows how it came out of those negative things and that he/she can definitely do it. Thank you.

Nava Twins
The Mind Set

This piece is designed to emphasize the power of a present and positive mind set. Often times, we doubt and overlook our capabilities, creating barriers towards achieving success. Developing the habit of acknowledging and relishing in our skill creates an ideal mind set where we refrain from limiting our potential.

Grace Wiebe
Believe in Your Dream

Persevere even if your dance journey has been difficult. You will get to where you are meant to be at the right time. I want everyone to remember it is a gift to be able to move, dance, and create. Don't take it for granted. Dream Big!

Maria Mandronico
Finding yourself

When looking for yourself and trying to find yourself, you experiment with different things. With this song, I do a hip-hop, lyrical, and jazz and show a teenage girl trying to find herself through dance. Hope you enjoy.

Jayla Austin-Duarte
Imma make it

I love to dance anywhere and everywhere.

Elijah Mahan
Fun Empowerment

I combined all of the styles of dance that I like to create my own personal masterpiece.

Elizabeth Kamara

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♬ Youre Gonna Make It XQChallenge - XQ
I'm Almost There

I started dancing at the age of 7 where I started in hip hop and I was one of the few boys in my dance studio. Whenever someone asked me what I did, I was embarrassed to say that I was a dancer because it wasn't as accepted by society as it is now. Ten years later, I dance all styles as a competition team dancer and I am proud to say I am a dancer, athlete, and artist. In this dance, I started with contemporary symbolizing where I am now and then ended with hip hop symbolizing me chasing my dreams of becoming a commercial dancer in Los Angeles. The little boy in the hip hop class would have never guessed how many accomplishments he could achieve and how confident he would become when he grew up. The song "You're Gonna Make It" shows all our hard work pays off in the end!

Dominic Keider

I combined the elements of ballet and modern dance to create my video. #XQMistyChallenge

♬ original sound - dance987_melanab
Dancing Confidently

I combined the elements of ballet and modern dance to create my video. My grand jetés represent the confidence I have and my graceful movements represent my happiness.

Me’lana Bell

How bad do you want it? I want it RLLY bad! @xq #xq #xqmistychallenge #mistycopeland #dancechallenge ✨💓

♬ Youre Gonna Make It XQChallenge - XQ
Embrace your Authentic Soul!

We only have one life on this beautiful planet. No one will ever be like you. Embrace every part of you. You are special and extraordinary, truly one of a kind!!!

Victoria Sepiashvili

how bad do you want it? ⚡️🪐 @xq #XQMistyChallenge

♬ Youre Gonna Make It XQChallenge - XQ
To Cause A Commotion

In a society where you're expected to be someone else, it isn't always easy to be proud of yourself. You've made it this far, but will you make it? You doubt your ability. Is everybody ready for the commotion that you will cause? The turbulence might rattle the boat, drowning the old ways of doing. But maybe, that's just what the world needs.

Minh-Anh Dang

It may start out slow but surely I believe and can make it through.

Sydney Tyler
In dance you can give all your feelings.

With my video I want to say that you don't have to be a professional in dancing to enjoy it. I'm not a professional to but I really love dancing and its the best thing to do!

Esmeralda De Dood

@xq #XQMistyChallenge

Miracle Vaanisa Mieze

Starting dance late, I always believed I wasn’t good enough. Through this piece I saying that one should just smile and do their best while continuing to learn and improve 🙂

Daria Sura

My project is inspired by the BLM movement. There’s a punch at the beginning that represents working hard, and I almost fall on my press handstand. That’s a moment of doubt, in hopes I can get help and have people on my side routing for me.

Annelise Tejpar

While watching this piece I want people to feel like they don’t need to get caught up about what people think of you, just do you, it inky takes YOU to be the change.

Isabella Haas
Taking Flight

I wanted to do this video in front of this mural created by local artists. I feel most free when I’m dancing just like the birds painted behind me.

Brianna Quattrociocchi