5 Resources To Rethink High School

We've been creating new resources to help educators, students, and communities #ReThinkHighSchool. Here are 5 of our favorites to jumpstart your week of teaching.

By Team XQ

Out with the old, and in with the new.

BIG news! We designed and launched a new digital content site and online community called Rethink Together. You’ll find feature articles, videos, a discussion forum, student challenges, and more! 

To give you a taste of all that’s available to you, we organized this special issue of Give Me Five around the content categories you can find on the site: High School RedesignHigh School & SocietyHigh School Life, and Beyond High School Graduation.
Check out the links below or head straight over to Rethink Together for all this and more!

1. INNOVATE: High School Redesign 

Redesigning high school is about imagining, innovating, and improving.

Why it matters: Here at XQ, we’re focused on creating meaningful, engaged learningexperiences for every student. We want every student to be genuinely engaged in their education and graduate high school feeling accomplished, inspired, and ready to take on the world.

In this category, we curated dozens of resources to inspire a change in education.

Interested in High School Redesign? Check these out:

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2. CHANGE: High School & Society 

High school plays a big role in our education system and in our culture at large.

Why it matters: High school does not exist in a vacuum. It’s part of our interconnected world. Why is high school best positioned as leverage to create a more just future? Here are a few ideas:

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3. AMPLIFY: High School Life 

The high school experience goes far beyond the classroom.

Why it matters: We want all students to feel supported and for their voices to be heard. Whether it’s activism, entrepreneurship, or life during COVID-19, we’re amplifying the student experience so students can share their unique stories and inspire others. 

Here’s are some examples of what you’ll find in High School Life:

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4. PREPARE: Beyond High School Graduation 

As educators, we have the power to set students up for success in college, career, and life.

Why it matters: We can prepare students for college before they even apply. We can help them explore their passions and find a career path that’s right for them. We can set them up with crucial life skills that lead to life-long success.

Looking to help your students thrive beyond graduation? Here’s what you’ll find in this category:

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5. INSPIRE: Educator Resources on the New XQ 

Are you ready to make a change, but aren’t sure how?

Why it matters: We’ve compiled dozens of resources, tips, and conversations with fellow educators, experts, and activists to support you throughout your teaching journey.

Here you’ll find:

And so much more!

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Introducing the XQ Challenge! 🎉 

This December, we are launching the first XQ Challenge, a digital learning experience that offers badges for students who complete the work. XQ Challenges will invite students ages 13-21 to delve deeply into learning, discovering, and nurturing their passions through unique creative experiences. 

Our first challenge on Music & Activism leads students through writing and recording their own songs! It kicks off  December 14th and you can encourage your students to sign up now!