Becoming a More Equitable Educator: Mindsets and Practices

Becoming a More Equitable Educator is a self-paced online course for teachers everywhere, hosted by MIT Teaching Systems Lab and edXOnline. Earn your MITx credential FREE, with support from XQ.

How can you be sure your personal biases aren’t affecting the way you teach? Sometimes, it happens without us realizing it.

Co-taught by MIT’s Justin Reich and Vanderbilt’s H. Richard Milner IV, Becoming a More Equitable Educator is a self-paced online course hosted by MIT Teaching Systems Lab and edXOnline. You’re invited to earn this valuable MITx credential for FREE, with support from XQ.

You’ll learn the mindsets and practices associated with equitable teaching. And you’ll get the resources and tools to do it.

The course opens on January 15, 2021, and runs through August 26, 2021. It’s self-paced, and you can start anytime!

What the course covers:
✅ Discussion and reflection about teacher biases
✅ Understanding how your students’ experiences affect their learning
✅ Learn how to build on your students’ strengths

XQ is excited to be able to provide a verified certificate free of charge. Just fill out the information below, and you’ll receive an email with your code. Then sign up for the course using your code here.


XQ has a range of articles, videos, and resources you might find useful. 


WATCH Equitable Teaching Strategies: Asset Framing in Practice — PSI High teacher Angela Daniel describes how she uses asset framing to support her students to thrive.


READ Connecting Individual Actions to Systemic Change — Education thought leader and Vanderbilt University Professor Rich Milner in conversation with XQ’s Hana Beach.

Hosted by MIT TSL and edX


  1. We must try to constantly reconsider the learning and teaching paradigms. Education is so important today and in the future. It requires that we keep rethinking it. Taylor Mali’s “What Teachers Make” says a lot about teachers. And, for those like me in a technical field, not only do we have to be SME (Subject Matter Experts) we also have to teach.

  2. Curriculum Specialist and Trainer of Trainers seeking to improve my lot in life; to better myself with a view to improving inner-city kids.