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The #XQMistyChallenge invited students ages 13-21 to tell their story through dance. Students used the XQ Challenge song, “You’re Gonna Make It,” and choreographed their own dances. The voting period has closed and winners will be announced on June 30. 


  • Top upvoted submissions win prizes
    • Up to 20 lucky creators will receive exclusive feedback from Misty Copeland and earn a slot in a reaction video
    • Top 5 upvoted submissions may select from two prize options (gift packages value of $599)

More questions? Email us at [email protected], text ARTIVISM to 724665, or chat with others in our “Discuss” thread for the challenge.



Contest Ended

This dance is inspired by the song “You’re gonna make it.” The dance relates to the life on an individual wanting to follow its dream of being a performing artist but is stuck in his/her head since many people has

22 Votes

This choreography is meant to show the world that I’m not afraid to be confident or be brave in my dancing. The beginning of the dance represents the hardship of me being afraid to show others my dancing. Being in

145 Votes

You’re gonna make it

18 Votes

While watching this piece I want people to feel like they don’t need to get caught up about what people think of you, just do you, it inky takes YOU to be the change.

8 Votes

Rather than focusing on all the dark things in the world, i wanted to show a more upbeat perspective of life. Dance is my way of expressing myself, and it makes me forget about all the bad things happening. I

9 Votes

This is me having fun and making some moves to an epic song, can’t make too many moves cos my knees are injured but we got there

13 Votes

It may start out slow but surely I believe and can make it through.

9 Votes

Persevere even if your dance journey has been difficult. You will get to where you are meant to be at the right time. I want everyone to remember it is a gift to be able to move, dance, and create.

86 Votes

This dance was created as a form of limitless expression, particularly because I posses no professional training in dance. It’s to serve as a reminder to all not to think to hard about how good someone else is or seems

47 Votes

This is one of my first few self choreographed pieces, hence it has taken me a lot of self confidence to do this. I also feel free when I dance, hence I named this piece confidence and freedom.

29 Votes

I wanna share mylove of dance

10 Votes

I combined the elements of ballet and modern dance to create my video. #XQMistyChallenge

♬ original sound – dance987_melanab

I combined the elements of ballet and modern dance to create my video. My grand jetés represent the confidence I have and my graceful movements represent my happiness.

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While using the knowledge of dance I gained as a ballet dancer, I used ballet and modern dance elements to improve the outcome of my dance.

♬ original sound – dance987_melanab

I’m dancing in a dance studio to the song “You’re Gonna Make It” for the XQ Challenge. I used different dancing techniques and combined them for my final product. While using the knowledge of dance I gained as a ballet

11 Votes

Inspired by the song “You’re Gonna Make It.” In this dance, I’m struggling if I can do it or not, I’m fighting with those thoughts in my head telling “you’re not going do it, you can’t make it.” Throughout this

Rivas Navarro
13 Votes

We only have one life on this beautiful planet. No one will ever be like you. Embrace every part of you. You are special and extraordinary, truly one of a kind!!!

264 Votes

@xq #xqchallenge When I almost fall on my press handstand it represents a moment of doubt. A moment where I might not make it, but I overcome #blm

♬ Youre Gonna Make It XQChallenge – XQ

My project is inspired by the BLM movement. There’s a punch at the beginning that represents working hard, and I almost fall on my press handstand. That’s a moment of doubt, in hopes I can get help and have people

60 Votes

Here is my submission for the XQMistyChallenge. Could everyone PLEASE tag @xq in the comments so they can see this 🙏🏾

♬ original sound – ❤️Lala🐻

When looking for yourself and trying to find yourself, you experiment with different things. With this song, I do a hip-hop, lyrical, and jazz and show a teenage girl trying to find herself through dance. Hope you enjoy.

17 Votes

Inspired by the song “You’re Gonna Make It.” This Dance is about not letting all those negative comments and things enter your head. Let them out, and follow your light. Be yourself through your Art.

Thank you!

Rivas Navarro
26 Votes

#XQmistychallenge this song was such a bio and so fun to dance to @xq 💜💜

♬ Youre Gonna Make It XQChallenge – XQ

As a dancer, I am a performer. And these past few months I’ve really missed it. Dance is the way that I express myself, and for a while I forgot what it felt like to dance with other people. But

16 Votes

This 60 seconds of art reflects my growth in movement. As someone who has come from depression I am so grateful for the freedom and relief that I experience today with Christ Jesus.

97 Votes

I combined all of the styles of dance that I like to create my own personal masterpiece.

13 Votes

I wanted to showcase happiness in what you love to do and for me dance brings me joy.

13 Votes

I started dancing at the age of 7 where I started in hip hop and I was one of the few boys in my dance studio. Whenever someone asked me what I did, I was embarrassed to say that I

204 Votes

This why nothin gets done at work🤦🏾‍♂️ @xq @mistycopelandofficial #xqmistycopeland #xqmistychallenge #freestyle #selftaught

♬ original sound – elijah

I love to dance anywhere and everywhere.

13 Votes

Join me in @xq’s XQMistyChallenge! If you’re a student aged 13-21, submit your dance using this official song by June 9th at! #ad

♬ Youre Gonna Make It XQChallenge – XQ

With my video I want to say that you don’t have to be a professional in dancing to enjoy it. I’m not a professional to but I really love dancing and its the best thing to do!

De Dood
10 Votes

Simple mind asian

9 Votes

I did the challenge before reading the write up. But as I read through, my story came to me and rewatching this video I submitted it was clear this drew from my life. A 21 year old girl living with

8 Votes

@xq #XQMistyChallenge

Miracle Vaanisa
10 Votes

“The role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible.” -Toni Cade Bambara

As an aspiring artist during this pandemic I felt like my dream to become a professional dancer was shut down. As an aspiring activist during this

436 Votes

I had so much fun choreographing this, wish me luck @xq #xqmistychallenge #dance

♬ Youre Gonna Make It XQChallenge – XQ

Ever since I was a little girl. I loved to dance. I was never able to take lessons cuz I grew up poor. My family struggled to make ends meet. So I learned from watching dance videos and my sister

11 Votes

#xqchallenge @xq thanks for letting me apart of this challenge ❤

♬ Youre Gonna Make It XQChallenge – XQ

My way of interpreting this song was mostly to touch those who felt unsure in thier pursuit of dance like I did I hoped to bring some positivity and give some light into how anyone can make it!

11 Votes

you may not be good enough YET. But trying and giving your all pays off!! Don’t let anyone put a glass ceiling above you ❤️#XQMistyChallenge #dreambig

♬ Youre Gonna Make It XQChallenge – XQ

Starting dance late, I always believed I wasn’t good enough. Through this piece I saying that one should just smile and do their best while continuing to learn and improve 🙂

12 Votes

Be what you want to be no matter what others say.

Tanalia, Talia and Dhalia
36 Votes

Had so much creating this video for the #XQMistyChallenge , so excited to be apart of it!❤️🔥@xq

♬ Youre Gonna Make It XQChallenge – XQ

I wanted to do this video in front of this mural created by local artists. I feel most free when I’m dancing just like the birds painted behind me.

49 Votes

Late but I really wanted to get this choreo out of my head 😩😂 @xq #XQMistyChallenge #afrodance #afro #PerfectAsWeAre

♬ Youre Gonna Make It XQChallenge – XQ

Wanted to show the fusion between Afro dance and Hip-pop

7 Votes

This piece is designed to emphasize the power of a present and positive mind set. Often times, we doubt and overlook our capabilities, creating barriers towards achieving success. Developing the habit of acknowledging and relishing in our skill creates an

306 Votes

In a society where you’re expected to be someone else, it isn’t always easy to be proud of yourself.

You’ve made it this far, but will you make it? You doubt your ability.
Is everybody ready for the commotion that

268 Votes

Gah I had so much fun choreographing this! #XQMistyChallenge must be 13-21! Use this sound and make your own choreo! More details on @xq page! #dance

♬ Youre Gonna Make It XQChallenge – XQ

Get grooving with this original choreography for the Dance and Activism Challenge!

9 Votes

I made this dance to express myself and the way I like to dance, because I’m a self taught dancer it was a bit tricky at first to come up with the cheography but as I kept dancing it became

14 Votes

XQMistyChallenge video

241 Votes

Hi, my name is Ali and I really love dance. Although, I started late and want to prove that it’s okay to start late. As long as you enjoy it and progressing! 🙂

11 Votes

We were inspired by each other and created a dance to this song.

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