Reference List for “The Journey”

The list of resources below follows the the steps in the Journey guide. To access the…

By Jeanie Lee

The list of resources below follows the the steps in the Journey guide. To access the full publication, download here.


  • Thought Leaders Series: Get inspired by thought leaders from all walks of life—arts and culture celebrities, policymakers, educators, scientists, youth development experts, business leaders, and social or civic activists—share their thoughts on the “what is” and “what ifs” of education. 
  • XQ Learner Outcomes: The XQ Learner Outcomes are fundamental to all our work. The Learner Outcomes are the North Star—the knowledge, skills, and capacities all high school graduates need. 
  • XQ Design Principles: The XQ Design Principles are our guiding pillars for rethinking what high school can be. 
  • XQ School Snapshots: What do XQ schools look like? See what’s possible by exploring XQ’s School Snapshots, which provide rich information about each XQ school and partnership. 


Seeing Is Believing Videos & School Stories: Videos and interactive school stories show that high school transformation is necessary, possible, and underway.


  • XQ Design Kit: This big set of printed posters, design prompts, and other materials helps teams come together, get inspired, and put students at the center of everything they do. 
  • Casting Our Team: Every community has the talent to design a super school. We just have to find it.
  • Ladder of Youth Participation: Students must be authentically engaged in every aspect of school design. Higher levels of participation aren’t necessarily better in every context, but young people need to be at the center—always.  
  • Discover Worksheet: Explore the landscape of education and the realities of the community your school will serve. 
  • XQ in a Box (XQIAB): This comprehensive digital toolkit helps teams work together to rethink high school in their communities by engaging thoughtfully and creatively with the big challenges of high school design. 
  • Inspiration Visits: Visits to XQ schools and other innovative schools give school teams a chance to see what’s possible and get inspired.
  • EOA: XQ’s Educational Opportunity Audit gathers and analyzes student and school-level data that looks at equity from various angles, synthesizes it, and presents the results back to people positioned to make needed change.



  • Design Worksheet : Use what you discovered to design the high school your community needs. 
  • School Concept Map: How will your school design be expressed coherently through the six XQ Design Principles?
  • Design Principle Reflections: How will you prioritize principles like caring, trusting relationships and meaningful, engaged learning?
  • Learning Experience Planner:: Design a learning experience that exemplifies your school vision. 
  • Competency Cards: Imagine learning experiences that bring the XQ Learner Goals to life in your school.


  • Develop Worksheet: Map out a formidable plan to turn your school idea into reality. 
  • XQ Design Principles Rubric: This tool helps ambitious high schools understand where they are on the journey to excellence—and how to take practical steps to achieve their goals.
  • Expert Series: Listen to conversations with transformational leaders in education in XQ’s podcast series


  • Student Performance Framework: The Student Performance Framework offers a new way to assess, document, and certify students’ learning, measured against concrete milestones for acquiring the knowledge and skills needed for future success. 
  • XQ Math: A project-based algebra curriculum that activates and upgrades students’ math knowledge—and their enthusiasm for learning.

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